Hi Christy and Andrew! Wanted to show you some options - there are 5, so please scroll to the right to see all options.. I went with your flag themes. Any text, font and wording can be edited. I wasn't sure how you wanted me to format the date, AND I wasn't sure how you wanted me to list out Portmeirion. Please give me feedback. I tried to do a variety of fonts and layouts and sizes. 

Pricing: $1.00+tax per card and that would include an envelope as well. 

I can do any of the designs in a magnet as well. The sizing would be the same - 4.5"x6.25" and the pricing would be $2.00+tax magnet, including the envelope. If you choose the magnet route, it cannot be front and back.

I can also do a return address stamp for you to use on your response cards, and for your save the date envelopes These are $25.00+tax and the last image shows the placement so you can see what I'm talking about.

Guest address printing can be done as well. I showed you examples of this in person, and it depends on the design that you pick. It can be done more easily on the 6.5"x4.25" envelopes. These would be about $1.25+tax per envelope. (this is my direct cost from the printer.) This is also just black ink on the envelopes.

So, if you're looking to white ink printing (like on the darker red envelopes you had shown me for your invitations) this is significantly more. Otherwise, we can do envelope wraps (last picture) and that pricing would just depend on the number of envelopes (assembly), but would be a more cost effective option than the individual envelope printing.